Sees 2.4% Increase in Job Postings in May 2015, the leading employment website for professionals in every industry, reports an increase of 2.4% in the number of job postings to its employment site for the month of May 2015 compared to the previous month.

The employment websites increase in job postings aligns with the 26.6% increase in the number of jobs reported by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday, June 5, 2015, compared to the previous month. Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 280,000 in May, while the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 5.5 percent.

According to the Economic Situation report, job gains occurred in professional and business services, leisure and hospitality, and health care.

Employment in professional and business services added 63,000 jobs for the month of May and 671,000 over the past year. Within the supersector, employment increased in temporary help services (+20,000), computer systems design and related services (+10,000), management and technical consulting services (+7,000), and in architectural and engineering services (+5,000).

In May, employment in leisure and hospitality increased by 57,000, following little change in the prior 2 months. Employment increased in arts, entertainment, and recreation which increased by 29,000 jobs. Employment in food services and drinking places has shown little net change over the past 3 months.

Employment in other major industries, including manufacturing, wholesale trade, information, and government, showed little change over the month.

After revisions, total nonfarm payroll employment for the month of March and April were revised from 85,000 to 119,000 jobs, and 223,000 to 221,000 jobs, respectively. With these revisions, employment gains in March and April were 32,000 more than previously reported. Over the past 3 months, job gains have averaged 207,000 per month.

About is the leading employment website for professionals in every industry, including advertising, construction, government and real estate. is updated daily with thousands of employment listings. Users can create a profile, upload their resume, apply to positions and engage in our social communities. Employers can post job listings opportunities and browse a resume bank for applicants. Thousands of new jobs are listed each month by geographic location and specialty, including: accounting jobs, banking, creative design, engineering, human resources, manufacturing and project management.

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Reduce their advertising Credit Card car insurance company are extra liability insurance policy terms at yourself if you have to pay can be a greates on reduce the lessential.

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Newly Opened Japanese Garden Helps Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park Shatter Attendance Records

The Richard and Helen DeVos Japanese Garden opens to the public in June 2015.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, one of the nations most significant botanic and sculpture experiences, broke attendance records for the month of June. Crediting the opening of the new eight-acre Japanese Garden, over 80 thousand guests visited Meijer Gardens in June, 25 percent higher than any other June on record, including 2010 figures during the blockbuster Dale Chihuly exhibition and the 2004 opening of the popular Lena Meijer Childrens Garden.

Since the Japanese Garden is as a permanent addition to Meijer Gardens, were very much looking forward to seeing more visitors throughout all of the seasons, said Director of Horticulture, Steve LaWarre. This gardens appearance will really change with the fall colors, blanketed in snow, and with fresh, new growth in the spring. Guests can expect to see something new every time they visit!

The Richard & Helen DeVos Japanese Garden opened to the public on June 13th and features traditional components such as waterfalls, elevation changes, extensive boulder placement, authentic Japanese structures and a functioning teahouse as well as a Zen-style garden, sights of the entire garden from the Viewing Hill and Contemporary sculpture. Major works by Anish Kapoor, Jenny Holzer and Zhang Huan, among others, are now on view.

# # #

About Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

One of the worlds most significant botanic and sculpture experiences, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park serves over 600,000 visitors annually. Meijer Gardens was recently ranked in the top 100 most-visited art museums worldwide by Art Newspaper, the leading publication in global art news. The 158-acre main campus features Michigans largest tropical conservatory; one of the largest childrens gardens in the country; arid and Victorian gardens with bronze sculptures by Degas and Rodin; a carnivorous plant house; outdoor gardens; and a 1900-seat outdoor amphitheater, featuring an eclectic mix of world-renowned musicians every summer. The internationally acclaimed Sculpture Park features a permanent collection including works by Oldenburg, Moore, Serra, Bourgeois and Plensa, among others. Indoor galleries host changing sculpture exhibitions with recent exhibitions by Picasso, Degas, di Suvero, Borofsky, Calder and Dine. In June 2015, the eightacre Richard & Helen DeVos Japanese Garden at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park opened. Created by renowned designer Hoichi Kurisu, the garden features sculpture by Anish Kapoor, Zhang Huan and Guiseppe Penone, among others.

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RAFT Idea Sheets Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are now part of the Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) online Idea Sheet library. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have long been an essential element of RAFTs Idea Sheets, and with support of RAFT educators and Bay Area volunteers, educators now have access to over 700 Idea Sheets that have been updated to reflect specific science, math, or English language arts standards. National Curriculum for Social Studies and National Visual Arts Standards are also noted.

Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards are state-led initiatives established to provide English, language arts, math, and science standards to better prepare students for success in those fields. Next Generation Science Standards in particular, were created to establish richness in content, aligned curricula, pedagogy, assessment, and teacher professional development.

The adoption of Common Core (math and English language arts) and Next Generation Science Standards provides a unique role for hands-on teaching in classrooms on a national level. Educators located anywhere can access RAFT Idea Sheets. This alignment allows them to more easily incorporate RAFTs hands-on activities into their lesson plans, said Grainger Marburg, CEO of RAFT.

Since 1994, the belief that hands-on teaching builds and reinforces a deeper level of learning that assesses students on critical thinking, evaluation, and research, has been central to RAFTs mission. To support the States and their initiative to make hands-on learning a major foundation of school curricula, RAFT enlisted the help of local volunteers to make the initial correlations between the existing Idea Sheets and the new standards. RAFT educators then verified and refined the alignments.

The RAFT Idea Sheets can be searched using a variety of ways to pinpoint activities that are suited to specific grade level, subject area, and content standard. This new search capability allows searching by tags, making it even easier to find Idea Sheets which match specific criteria.

Im excited to have these resources available to educators nationally. As educators utilize our hands-on activities, this will benefit their students natural curiosity, said Edith Barr, Educational Publications Manager of RAFT.

The CCSS and NGSS Idea Sheet correlations are available to download for free via the standards grid at and on the individual detail page for each Idea Sheet.

About Resource Area For Teaching

RAFT believes the best way to spark the love of learning for the next generation of thinkers, innovators, problem-solvers, and creators, is through hands-on learning. A nonprofit organization since 1994, RAFT serves 12,000 educators each year who teach over 900,000 students. Find out more about RAFT and how to get involved at

NCircle Entertainment and Jim Henson Company Extend Their Successful Partnership with the DVD Launch of Doozers

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 19, 2015

NCircle Entertainment has acquired the DVD distribution rights for The Jim Henson Companys Doozers, a CG animated preschool series inspired by the beloved characters from the wildly popular Fraggle Rock. Doozers celebrates the wonders of invention, creativity, and design thinking for young viewers. Marking its U.S. DVD premiere, Doozers will launch in the U.S. in August 2015 with a major retail exclusive. Doozers is currently available via iTunes, and NCircle plans to also launch the series on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and other transactional digital providers later this year.

Doozers debuted as a Hulu Original in 2014. The series focuses on a team of best friends the Pod Squad who live in an innovative, imaginative, and ecofriendly community. Each animated story fosters STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) learning by encouraging design-based thinking, creative expression, teamwork and problem solving.

Produced by The Jim Henson Company and DHX Media, Doozers is a Parents Choice Gold Award recipient and received the iKids award for Best Web App Series in 2015.

Were thrilled to be extending our years-long distribution alliance with The Jim Henson Company, whove written the book on creating engaging characters and programs that inspire young minds for over 50 years, said Mary Flynn, NCircles vice president of sales, content and acquisitions. Its our pleasure and delight to be introducing Doozers to a broad home entertainment audience starting this August.

NCircle excels at putting great content everywhere kids and parents want to watch it. Doozers is an incredible world to explore, full of trusted friends that inspire kids to be creative in their own lives, said Richard Goldsmith, The Jim Henson Companys Executive Vice President, Global Distribution and International Consumer Products. Parents can expect to see their own Doozers at home innovate, invent and build as our audience gets excited to get to it and do do do it!

About NCircle Entertainment:

NCircle specializes in the sales, marketing, and distribution of children and family entertainment, and is a trusted brand for high-quality, age-appropriate content. As the largest independent studio for childrens non-theatrical DVDs, NCircles portfolio includes many of the most loved and best-selling childrens brands. Key brands currently in NCircles vast library include Octonauts, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, Mike the Knight, Pocoyo, and The Jim Henson Companys Sid the Science Kid, as well as the Academy Award-nominated short films, The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom. For more information, please visit:

NCircle is a subsidiary of Alliance Entertainment.

About The Jim Henson Company:

The Jim Henson Company has remained an established leader in family entertainment for over 50 years and is recognized worldwide as an innovator in puppetry, animatronics and digital animation. Best known as creators of the world famous Muppets, Henson has received over 50 Emmy Awards and nine Grammy Awards. Recent credits include the Emmy

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Consumer Loyalty & Payments Veteran Joins ZipLine During Growth Phase

Roger L. Brooks, ZipLine’s Senior Vice President of Business Development

ZipLine, a merchant-branded mobile and ACH payment solutions provider offering consumers instant rewards at the pump and POS, today announced the appointment of consumer loyalty and payments veteran Roger L. Brooks, as Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Brooks joins ZipLine (formerly National Payment Card) following a senior sales executive role at FIS where he was responsible for the growth of retail loyalty, merchant-branded debit, and retail mobile solutions for the company’s Retail Payments Solutions division, as its Vice President Loyalty Strategy. Prior to his time with FIS, Brooks held the role of Vice President Sales and Marketing at ValueCentric Marketing Group, Inc. (VCMG) along with sales leadership roles at Entertainment Publications, and Dine-A-Mate, Inc.

Roger is a seasoned leader with deep retail payments and consumer loyalty insight. He will be a tremendous asset during this important growth phase, says Stephen Goodrich, President and CEO of ZipLine. Further strengthening our senior management team, his expertise in petroleum, specialty retail and payments will help continue our momentum as the leader in mobile payments and merchant-branded debit (ACH) in the C-store vertical.

In addition, Brooks has worked as a freelance writer for NACS Magazine and and has contributed articles for Convenience Store News, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Loyalty Management Magazine. He is also the author of The Power of Loyalty: 10 Essential Steps to Build a Successful Customer Loyalty Strategy (Entrepreneur Press, 2010).

“ZipLine’s innovation and ability to respond to the market is something Ive admired from afar,” says Brooks. “I believe I can help ZipLine continue to innovate and grow in petroleum and beyond. Im excited for the opportunity to contribute and to influence the way consumers choose to pay for goods and services, all while driving loyalty and value to our clients.”

For more information about ZipLine, visit

About ZipLine

ZipLine, formerly National Payment Card Association (NPCA), pioneered merchant-branded debit, and developed and manages some of the most successful decoupled debit (ACH) and mobile payments programs in the industry. The companys mission is to provide low-cost, merchant friendly, data-rich, secure payment solutions and services that deliver compelling value to merchants and consumers. For further information about ZipLine, visit the companys website at:

First Book in New Teen Fantasy Series from SBPRA Offers Plenty of Thrills

The epic saga “Dream Watchman: Quest for the Missing Talisman Book I” is the first fantasy novel in a trilogy by author Tina Roberts, and it will prove an unforgettable read for all ages.

The award-winning author lives in Texas, where she has held book signings in Dallas, Houston, Abilene, and Austin, as well as in such widespread locations as New York, Cleveland, and Los Angeles. Roberts has donated books to Dallas area schools and has also made presentations to Dallas teens. She has been the featured author at Gite Gallery in Houston, which was voted the Best Art Gallery by Houston Press magazine.

Starting in present-day Los Angeles, her story travels back to the 17th-century world of warlocks and sorcerers, to an island of wickedness and deception in the Black Sea called the Jeweled City. This magical kingdom first appears on the night of Emily Rollins 30th birthday, when a family curse, buried over 200 years in Liberty County, Texas, resurfaces in California. After Emily is contacted by the warlock king, known as the Dream Watchman, the drama begins. The king is on a bloodthirsty quest to find a talisman that has eluded him for over five centuries. With its power, the Dream Watchman can defeat the God of Light and control the world. Little does Emily know she will be at the center of this continuing drama when all hell breaks loose.

About the Author: Tina Roberts realized at age 10 that she wanted to be a writer. Today, she says it is her purpose, transportation, and calling in life. Roberts holds a B.S. in business administration and management, and an M.M. in management. She works in geosciences for the oil industry and has previously worked in music, radio, television, and film. A native Texan, she lived for a number of years in Los Angeles, and now resides in Plano, Texas. The author is currently writing the sequel “Dream Watchman: Rise of the Three-Headed Dragon.”

We are thrilled to announce the release of this powerful adventure that begins an imaginative new book series, said Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency.

Watch the video book trailer at:

DREAM WATCHMAN: QUEST FOR THE MISSING TALISMAN BOOK I (ISBN: 978-1-60976-636-8) is now available for $ 15.95 and can be ordered through the publishers website: or at or

WHOLESALERS: This book is distributed by Ingram Books and other wholesale distributors. Contact your representative with the ISBN for purchase. Wholesale purchase for retailers, universities, libraries, and other organizations is also available through the publisher; please email bookorder(at)sbpra(dot)net.

Reduction of effective dose of statins, by liver targeting delivery, could be a way to bring the drugs to the prevention market – proof-of-concept trial by Lycotec Ltd.

Statins are one of the most successful drugs able to slow down the formation of cholesterol-rich atherosclerotic plaques on the arterial walls, and reduce the development of and mortality from coronary heart disease, CHD.

Although their efficacy in management of elevated LDL cholesterol and CHD is not questionable, recommendation of their use for preventative purposes for healthy people or even borderline conditions is a subject of an ongoing strong debate.

Statins like many other drugs have their own side-effects. The use of them for people with elevated cholesterol or with already established CHD overpowers these side-effects. However, the use of statins for preventative purposes with possibilities to develop, albeit not too frequent, but still negative reactions, remains controversial.

The main reason behind the side-effects is the distribution and accumulation of statins outside their main target, the liver, into skeletal muscles or other organs.

Lycotec Ltd., the Cambridge UK based biotech company has developed and patented liver targeting oral delivery technology, LycosomeTM –

Based on this technology, the company has created a prototype, LycoStatinTM.

In a double blind study 40 volunteers with elevated LDL cholesterol were randomised and distributed in 5 groups with 8 participants each. The first three groups received daily either 20, or 40 or 80 mg of Simvastatin. The fourth group received LycoStatinTM containing 20 mg of Simvastatin. and the fifth group received a control lycopene, the carotenoid with is used to make Lycosomes, in the same dose as in the fourth group.

After one month of the trial it was shown that the level of the reduction of LDL cholesterol in the fourth group was significantly stronger than in the groups taking 20 or 40 mg of Simvastatin, and was at the same level as in the group which was taking 80 mg of the drug. There were no changes in LDL level in the fifth group.

These preliminary results indicate that the liver targeting delivery could increase the efficacy of statins, by apparent reduction of their random distribution to other organs, which are not involved in LDL synthesis, hence potentially minimise the side-effects of these drugs.

Some results of this trial have now been published in a peer review journal as a State of the Art Paper:

Later this week the Lycotec team, Dr Ivan Petyaev and Dr Yuiry Bashmakov, will present the LycoStatinTM at the World Liver Targeting Conference in Malta:

The company believes that reducing the effective dose of statins, minimising their potential side-effects, would allow these drugs, which have already saved millions of lives of people with CHD, to expand their benefit to even more millions of healthy people to prevent the development of this dominating killer disease in the developed world.

Lycotec is now looking for pharmaceutical industry partnership to further develop LycoStatin and bring it, and its potential range, to the CHD preventative market.

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Oil and spray paint on canvas


Asakusa (Tokyo)

Oil on paper


NYC street (detail)

Oil and spray paint on canvas


Barcelona (detail)

Oil on canvas


Essaoira (Morocco)

Oil and spray paint on canvas


BCN Street

Oil and spray paint on canvas



Mixed media on canvas



Oil on board


NYC (messy kitchen)

Oil on board


NYC (4th Ave)

Oil on board



Oil and spray on canvas


NYC street

Oil on canvas